Tuesday, July 11, 2017
The Century Survivalist - Natural Disaster Survival Techniques

The new age we’re living in demands new ways of thinking about natural disaster survival techniques. That is the purpose of The Century Survivalist, to cultivate a new generation of thought on the subject for an ever-changing world. Here you will find the ultimate place for survival preparedness and all things pertaining to survival planning. We also have dedicated pages that deal with certain natural disaster scenarios as well. The homepage blog portion will mostly be used to inform about very specific situations such as how to prevent a mugging, or a car jacking. The following are some really good disaster preparedness tips that can really come in handy For the possibility of flooding Have an ax and life preservers available If you live in an area prone to floods or even vulnerable to massive floods, buy a hammer sized handheld ax or a pick-ax, some life preservers and a survival kit. Stash these things tightly packaged together in the room or sub-room such as an attic in the highest place possible in the room and forget about them. When Katrina hit many people died because they were in their attics and couldn’t break through the ceiling. These natural disaster survival techniques and items will give you a real chance at survival. Water is key Water is just about the most important thing to have when faced with a disaster that is so bad that it has expelled you from your home. A person can go days without food but if a person lacks clean drinking water for a day, in extreme conditions, he or she will die so it is of utmost importance that there is a way to get water in a disaster. Any way you can, stashing a few 2 liter containers in your car, stashing some in a fallout shelter of some kind, as long as you can get to it, take the time to plan ahead and store some water somewhere accessible. Put together a Survival Kit This an integral part of your disaster survival planning. A kit that includes enough food, water, tools, and tech gear to last 72 hours after a disaster is essential to your ultimate survival plan. Tools include things like a compass, a knife, matches, lighter, flashlight, multi-tool gadget. Here is a great all in one survival tool kit. Keep a colloidal silver generator After a natural disaster, homemade colloidal silver will purify drinking water and will help fight infection and viruses when high-tech pharmaceuticals may be unavailable or ineffective. All hospitals use silver-based ointments to fight infection in severe burn victims, where traditional antibiotics are simply not enough to fight the infection over large areas of burned skin. Make a disaster plan Nothing can be properly executed without a solid plan. Your survival in a disaster situation is no exception. Formulate a detailed survival plan and do it with your family so they are involved in the outline of the plan. That way they can remember things like checkpoints and meeting places if the family gets separated. Make sure you and your family know the survival plan from memory. With the complexity of a disaster situation you are not likely to have everything you need all the time. You may be lacking some things and one of those things is your written plan so it makes a heap of sense to memorize as much as you can. Use waterproof LED headlamps I highly recommend that you purchase a waterproof back-country-type headlamp with LED bulbs. Headlamps leave your hands free to carry or work on things. LED bulbs use a fraction of the power, are far more shock resistant, and last far longer than traditional light bulbs, so your batteries (don’t forget to stock spares) last many times longer. Preparation and prevention can be a huge help and a big morale booster in such trying times. It might be time to start thinking about a survival kit and some other things that you can carry with you at all times. These would be great for: • Having something in your car • Keeping a kit in your desk at your office building, job site, or place of business • Having an easily accessible kit at home • Having one to carry with you

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